Sunday, December 9, 2007

Muslims Behaving Badly? It's Deja Vu', All Over Again

The "Peaceful Religion of Islam" shows its true colors once again.

Funny how it's okay if a suicide bomber is named "Muhammad," but not a Teddy Bear.

This sad affair is just one more in a long litany of Muslims behaving badly.

Below is a partial list from the recent past:

- 9/11. 'Nuf said.

- attack on Moscow theater in 2002.

Although the terrorists' primary aim was to drive the Russians out of Chechnya, their links to Al-Qaeda and the larger, world-wide Islamic jihad are clear.,8599,383909,00.html

- attack on school in Beslan in 2004.

Same as above. It sure is a brave man who shoots a child in the back.

- Madrid train bombings, 3/11/2004. This was discussed in an earlier post. (See "King Juan Carlos to Hugo..." back in November.)

- beheadings of Daniel Pearl, Nicholas Berg, Kenneth Bigley, and others.

- USAID executive Lawrence Foley murdered in Jordan in 2002.
(Check out the Al-Qaeda links.)

Before joining USAID, Mr. Foley had been with the Peace Corps for more than thirty years and had worked in Bolivia, Peru, India, and Zimbabwe. If any organization embodies the best of America, it is USAID.

Were there Sudanese troops in Indonesia after the Tsunami in 2004? No?

That's right, they were too busy in Dharfur exterminating Christians. Like so many other natural disasters around the world, the United States took the lead in the relief effort, and USAID continues to help the region rebuild.

- murder of American missionary Bonnie Penner Witherall, slain in Sidon, Lebanon in 2002.

The Flying Curmudgeon would have a brief connection to this last incident a few years ago, when Gary Witherall, the murdered woman's husband, came to speak at TFC's church. The striking thing about this man was the utter lack of rancor or ill will he showed towards his wife's murderers.

In spite of his horrific loss, Mr. Witherall had a peace about him that could only be described as "Christ-like." Although his wife died serving the families of the men who killed her, Gary could only pity them.


When trying to describe those that would commit such horrendous acts, the words "vicious," "bloodthirsty," "merciless," "cruel," and "inhuman" come to mind.

To those, The Flying Curmudgeon would add "rude," "ill-mannered," "boorish," and "ungrateful."

What a bunch of ungrateful bastards these Islamic fanatics are.

After all we have done for these people around the world, this is how they thank us - by sawing the heads off, shooting, and blowing up defenseless Americans, and others who have supported us.

For the better part of 3 years, from 1991-1994, TFC flew missions in support of NATO operations during the civil war in Bosnia-Hercegovina.

Our sole purpose for being there was to protect Bosnian Muslims from the genocidal "ethnic cleansing" being perpetrated against them by Bosnian Serb para-military groups, and their sponsors in Belgrade.

(Ironically, you can't tell a Bosnian Muslim from a Bosnian Serb by looking at them. Many of both groups have blonde hair and blue eyes. The primary difference is in their alphabet. The Serbs use the Cyrillic alphabet, like their Slavic brothers in Russia - the Muslims use the Latin alphabet, like us. Why are there blonde-haired, blue-eyed Muslims in the former Yugoslavia? That is something for a later post.)

It is hard to fathom the depths of hatred that can motivate someone to cut the ears and nose off a 14-year-old because he refuses to rape his own mother. How does one castrate a 6-year-old?

These are the kinds of atrocities that TFC and his colleagues were attempting to prevent. Were we completely successful? No, we weren't. The name Srebrenica comes to mind.

However, this massacre occurred while United Nations forces, and NOT U.S. forces stood by and did nothing. Somehow that part seems to be forgotten.

(BTW, ever notice how many massacres occur while soldiers in those ubiquitous blue helmets stand idly by? Remember the slaughter in Rwanda? How about Somalia, Sudan, the Congo, Chad, East Timor, South Lebanon, etc? TFC could go on. Isn't it time to consign this corrupt, inept, worthless, U.S.-hating organization to the trash-heap of history?)

To be completely fair, TFC has to point out that atrocities in Bosnia were committed by all sides during this vicious conflict.

Nevertheless, once Slobodan Milosevic was no longer in power in Belgrade, the primary catalyst for much of the ethnic cleansing was gone.

It's ironic that the very people we have tried to help over the years repay us with death and destruction.

When was the last time a Serb flew an airplane full of people into the side of a building?


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