Thursday, December 20, 2007

Age 60 Rule - RIP

The Flying Curmudgeon is a bit behind on his posting.

As they say, content is king on the internet. However, with his schedule, TFC has decided not to sacrifice quality for quantity. That being the case, The Flying Curmudgeon will not post just for the sake of posting. He hopes that those "loyal readers," (all three of them?) will appreciate his desire to only contribute quality posts to the blogosphere.

If this means, from time to time, there might be a gap between posts, so be it...

In case the loyal readers of TheFlyingCurmudgeon haven't noticed, the federal government has officially done away with the Age 60 Mandatory Retirement rule for U.S. airline pilots.

It will not be retroactive.

Congratulations to all those pilots who were sweating out their birthdays. TFC extends his condolences to all those friends who just missed the cut-off.

By the time TFC reaches 60, he hopes to be a part-time airline pilot and a full-time author/screenwriter, and adjunct junior-college professor of history/musician.

A man has to have goals, hasn't he?


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