Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Life in the 21st Century

After a brief hiatus in order to upgrade laptops, The Flying Curmudgeon is back on-line.

It is truly amazing how much we have come to rely on technology.

As mentioned in an earlier post, TFC could not do his airline captain's job as efficiently without a cellphone. After being without a laptop for a couple of days, it really drove home how much we have come to rely on all of our "gadgets."

Oh, to have bought Microsoft back in the early Eighties.

Back when TFC was an undergrad, a computer was a behemoth Mainframe at the lab on campus. Running a program meant carrying a stack of cards and waiting in line for your turn.

Who could have imagined how far we would come in only a couple of decades?

Is there any part of life that has not been touched by technology?

Imagine what the next two decades will bring.


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