Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Let The Good Times Roll - Again?

It's been a banner decade for the Clintons and their pals in China.

Since leaving office six-and-a-half years ago, the Ex-Co-Presidents have gone from impeachment and indictment, at the hands of the "Vast, Right-Wing Conspiracy," with the attendant legal bills mounting into the millions, to lucrative speaking and senatorial careers, a rather flush bank account, and Hillary on the verge of being crowned her party's 2008 Presidential Nominee.

On the other side of the International Dateline, the Asian Chapter of "Friends of Bill" continue to press the advantage that millions of dollars in illegal campaign contributions, funnelled to DNC coffers in the late 1990s, afford them.

In a short ten year span, the Chinese have made some tremendous scientific and technological leaps, culminating in the successful launches of two, manned space flights, in 2003 and 2005, respectively.

(The Flying Curmudgeon CERTAINLY takes Bernie Schwartz at his word, that this had absolutely NOTHNG to do with his company's helping the Chinese with their "Long March" rockets' prior, nasty habit of exploding shortly after launch. Don't you?)

Combined with the highly classified information gleaned as a result of the EP-3E "Spy" plane incident of April 2001, the helpful assistance of Schwartz's Loral Space, along with Hughes Aircraft, our "Strategic Partners" have had quite the intelligence windfall during the same period.

Not to worry, right?

Well, sure, unless one considers that the same technology it took to place an astronaut into orbit, can be used to stage a MIRVed, nuclear-tipped, ICBM over the Pole.

But, so what? What's the big deal? The Chinese are our friends, right? (At least that's what the Clintonistas would have us believe, anyway.)

Again, it depends.

If the words of a ranking general of the People's Liberation Army are to be taken seriously, we might want to think twice before letting the Chinese tour our sensitive nuclear labs anymore.

(On second thought, why would they need to? The damage has pretty much already been done.)

TFC is not holding his breath for Tim Russert to ask, at the next Democratic debate: "Gov. Richardson, does the term 'W-88' mean anything to you?"

As much as The Flying Curmudgeon appreciates the folks at Fox News, why do they consistently treat this man with such deference, even before he became Governor of New Mexico? On more than one occasion, as Clinton's Secretary of Energy, he "let the fox into the henhouse," so to speak.

And while TFC is on this particular tangent, why does Sandy "The Burglar" Berger continue to get a pass after stuffing "codeword"-level documents down his shorts at the National Archives? Sent there by Bill Clinton prior to his (Clinton's) testimony before the 9/11 Commission, Berger, like so many F.O.B.s before him, dutifully "fell on his sword" and pled guilty.

Can you say "Webb Hubbell?" Can you say "Omerta'?"

Berger's punishment, however, amounted to little more than a slap on the wrist.

The Flying Curmudgeon seems to recall signing some sort of a "non-disclosure" agreement, prior to HIS being cleared for "codeword"-level documents, the violation of which called for severe punishment, of the "making-little-rocks-out-of-big-rocks-at-Leavenworth, Kansas" variety.

As the former National Security Advisor, Berger surely must have signed a similar agreement.

Fast forward nine years and the Clintons are at it again.

According to the LA Times, there is another Clinton fundraising scandal involving indigent, Asian immigrants. (Shades of the Buddhist Temple?),0,4231217.story?coll=la-home-center

And why shouldn't the Clintons be at it again? Nothing happened to them the last time. Who's going to call them on it? The Drive-bys?

Get real.

After the '96 Campaign scandals, FBI Director Louis Freeh likened the number of witnesses who either fled the country, or took the 5th Amendment to something he witnessed only when he was prosecuting the Mafia.

And as for these latest scandals, the "Smartest Woman in America" is counting on the average American voter either being too stupid to notice, too caught up in reality television to notice, or simply having "scandal overload," and just dismissing it all as more Republican "scandal-mongering."

Having listened the last several years to the steady drumbeat of Bush-bashing by the Democrats and their willing accomplices in the "Mainstream Media," this last one is the scenario she is most likely to be counting on.

Remember, no matter what happens, if it's bad, it's ALWAYS Bush's fault.

Come to think of it, however, when it comes to the Clintons, there just might be something to this "scandal overload" business. At times, you really can't tell a player without a program, can you?

Susan who? Jorge who? Mark who?

Don't be surprised if, upon gaining the nomination, Hillary's campaign slogan becomes: "Let The Good Times Roll - Again!"

To that, the only thing The Flying Curmudgeon can say is - God help us - here WE go again.


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