Sunday, August 31, 2008


"Fly away, little bird, now fly away home.
Your time here is done - in the sky, you must roam.

Spread your wings and take flight. Above all the pain,
Looking down from on high, none can hurt you again.

Fly away, little bird, though your time here is passed,
For those who have loved you, your memory will last.

On this earth, little bird, you knew heartache and sorrow,
But now, in the sky, there's always tomorrow.

Look there, little bird, look at the clouds, how
They've come out to play. So won't you, right now?

Over there, little bird, there's a dog and a cat,
And a smiling young boy, with a ball and a bat.

Dance and play, little bird, in the sky, bright and fair,
For the things of this world, can't bother you, there.

Fly high, little bird, from there you will see,
That God really does love you - and, so do we.

Be at peace, little bird, and while you are gliding,
Know that one day, in Heaven, we'll all be abiding,

With our Lord - in whose arms - and seeing His face,
You now are at rest - in His Light and His Grace.

For you see, little bird, you've left this world early,
But, for the rest of us, here, the same journey

Awaits. And we'll all, someday, take it,
Cross that Divide, in hope that we make it,

To that very same place, where the Bible has said,
'Where, Oh Death, is your victory, Oh where is your sting?'

For on that day, little bird, we'll join our voices and sing,
To the sound of the Trumpet. First, the Dead will arise,

With the voice of the Archangel, they'll take to the skies.
Then those who are left, we'll all join together,

With Jesus, our Lord. With Jesus, our Savior.
And know this, little bird, on that Glorious Day,

In His mercy - these tears - God SHALL wipe away.
So fly away, little bird, fly. Fly away,

Once Eternity's here, together, we'll stay."

Rest in Peace, Marcus.


(September 8th, 1983 - August 23rd, 2008)

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