Friday, May 9, 2008

Operation Chaos: That's Entertainment

For as long as Rush Limbaugh's radio program has been nationally syndicated - this August will be twenty years - his many detractor's on the Left have tried to dismiss him as simply an "entertainer."

He is certainly that...but to his loyal listeners, he's so much more.

Speaking as a loyal "Ditto-head," The Flying Curmudgeon, along with million's of Rush's other regular listeners, has enjoyed countless hours of cutting-edge political humor, as well as some of the most original satire available on talk radio. (For an earlier discussion of this topic on TheFlyingCurmudgeon, see "Bill Clinton MADE Rush? PUUUHHLEEEEEZ!!!!" posted on December 29, 2007.)

A regular part of Rush's show, Paul Shanklin has produced some of the most hilarious musical parodies ever produced. Check out all his CD's at

Yes, Rush Limbaugh has kept his millions of loyal fans - and if they were honest enough to admit, many of the "loyal opposition," as well - laughing for years. He is, quite simply, one of the most original and consistently funny "entertainers" that has come along in decades.

However, to dismiss him in such a facile manner indicates a complete misunderstanding of who Rush is, and what his show is all about. Case in point - the tremendous success of Rush's recent, self-proclaimed "Operation Chaos."

As the "Wunderkind," Barack Hussein Obama, appeared to be running away with the Democratic nomination earlier this year, Rush decided it would be beneficial, and only fair, if the Democrats got a taste of their own medicine; namely, as so many Democrats had done in many of the Republican primaries, Rush encouraged Republican voters, in key Democratic primaries, (wherever it was legal under local election law), to come out and "pull the lever" for Hillary, thereby keeping her in the race.

If they could stomach doing so, that is.

Apparently, quite a few Republicans were able to "take one for the team," as it were, because Hillary's primary wins, earlier in Texas, and most recently, in Indiana, have been attributed to this "crossing over." A number of prominent Democrats, among them, Sen. Obama himself, now acknowledge the impact Rush is having on the current primary process.

Thanks to the efforts of El Rushbo, and the millions of self-less Republicans who crossed over and "pulled the lever" for Mrs. Clinton, it looks like the Democratic primary race will not be decided until the Convention.

Now That's Entertainment!


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