Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Way (The Clintons) Were?

How young and thin Babs was in this video.

There is no denying her God-given talent. In the immortal words of Linda Richmond: "She's like BUTTAHH!"

This is probably The Flying Curmudgeon's favorite Streisand song. It speaks to a number of common themes: lost love, enduring friendships, what might have been, the melancholy that sometimes comes as we contemplate our own mortality, etc.

What a shame she couldn't confine herself to the singing.

Now, Barack Obama has won in South Carolina.

Even before this latest victory, the Clintons have been "pulling out all the stops," in their efforts to derail Barack Obama's candidacy.

Don't you just love this?

The good Senator is getting a taste of what so many others that have crossed the Clinton's have experienced over the years. If the Clinton's political history is any guide, he's in for a tough year.

Cliff Jackson. Billy Dale. Paul Jones. Linda Tripp. Ken Starr.

The names of people who have had the temerity to cross the Clintons, and have suffered their wrath, is legion.

Somewhat amusingly, former Senator Tom Daschle, among others, worries that Bill Clinton may have harmed his "legacy," with his strident attacks against the "uppi....," er, "upstart" Senator Obama.

"Legacy"? What "legacy"?

If engaging in extra-marital sex, in the Oval Office itself, with an employee young enough to be one's daughter constitutes a "legacy," then Bill Clinton's legacy is intact.

If subborning perjury, in an effort to cover up that illicit sex constitutes a "legacy," then Bubba's place in History is secure.

If failing to do anything to stem the global spread of Islamo-fascism constitutes a "legacy," then the former President has nothing to worry about.

But, if the "legacy" that William Jefferson Clinton so desperately seeks is the kind of legacy that the Great Presidents - Lincoln, Truman, Reagan, and (in TFC's opinion) George W. Bush, (as History will undoubtedly judge President Bush's foreign policy) - are known for, he is sure to be disappointed.

If anyone knows Bill and Hillary Clinton, it's Dick Morris. Having served Bill Clinton for years, as Governor of Arkansas, and as President, Dick Morris knows as much about Bill and Hill as they know of themselves. In his latest e-mail newsletter, Morris provides special insight on Bill Clinton's recent outbursts, having been on the receiving end of his share of red-faced, Clinton rants.

During the height of the Lewinsky scandal, when polling data indicated the American people would favor his impeachment or resignation if it were proven he lied under oath, Clinton said, "We'll just have to win, then."

As the confirmed Machiavellian that he is, when it comes to helping his wife defeat Barack Obama, Bill Clinton's tactics don't appear to have changed much in the last ten years.


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